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Dearsir its not the money which i can make only bcz of u Its ur unconditional love toward spt member, passionate giving me more happy & motivation Wish u & ur family Spt member a very happy new year
Nihar Sahoo on 29th Dec 2017
Respected sir very much thank you for webels nragrind Banco Prod Kopran Indian Toners list is endless. Thank you .
Bashab Jalui on 08th Jan 2018
Sir would like to add to previous query that today what I have earned in this mkts is because of u only and it has helped to bring my family in a secure zone no words but I know u will understand
Vinay Kumar Pandey on 29th Dec 2017
Re-posting this after 1 yr. No flattery. In more than 37 yrs in stk mkt, haven't come across anyone with such sound knowledge on soooooo many scripts at ALL times. It's unbelievable. Salutes. Hats off
Mahesh Lalwani on 11th Jan 2018
Friends we call SPT as our Guru when the going is good and turn fair weather friends when the going is tough. His advise is unequivocal - book profits, increase capital, be patient & keep the faith.
Vangipuram Jayaram Prasad on 31st Jan 2018
Pranams gurudev,it is not easy to work round the clock for 365 days without taking a vacation fr years,n spnding hrs of u r precious time fr benefit of memb n not wasting secn fr ur self.pls take rest
Kishore Babu Chodagam on 16th Jan 2018
Sir, I can only envy your contentment after reading all the thanks giving messages from happymembers. Thks for all your inputs. You must b the only SAINT in stock market, who protects innocent invsts
Irshad M Shaikh on 08th Jan 2018
Respected sir, Thanks a Million for stocks like Leel Electricals- CG Power- made 20,000. Haven't seen such a nice analysis and caring for small investors like us. Thanks again.
Mansoor Khan on 12th Jan 2018
Last yr,i tuk screenshots f SQ,MW.Saw it in bak up last nite.Ur less tokd abt calls lk Action Cons.250%,Visaka26 0%,Talbros 150% n mny more cnt write.Min gains hv also bn 40%.TY SIR 4 doing ths 4 us :)
Manish Aggarwal on 12th Jan 2018