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We have entered into a brand new world; the new year of 2020, a new decade and long with it, it brings new hope, dreams, ventures, more positive spirit and an overall sense of optimism.

Spiritually, it is just another day; a mere change in the date on the calendar. But like the snake shedding away with old skin, the new year somehow has that sense of newness. There is a feeling in the heart that things will get better this year, 2020 will bring in good news.

For us in the markets, the hope is always about indices scaling new heights and on the first day of the year, this is very same hope that one nurtures.

We hope that the country stops becoming so polarized, stops being so intolerant and we pray that politicians stop using religion to divide us.

On a more realistic note, we hope that FIIs find new love for India and come in droves with bags of money, planning to stay put for the long term. We hope that in 2020, Parliament functions the way it should and important Bills finally get off!

Yes, there are a lot of hopes and that’s what the New Year does to everyone!

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