A visit to the highest battlefield?

about 1 year ago
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Those visiting J&K, especially Ladakh would come across so many stories of the Army and more so, the Siachen glacier. It always brings a sense of longing – wish you could go and see how the Army survives there, on the world’s highest battlefield.

Looks like that wish might actually come true. There is news of allowing civilians, we the common people to go to the glacier and experience how the army lives there. This would help people see the difficulties and daily challenges faced by personnel of the Indian Army who man the area in extremely harsh weather conditions.

The Indian Army does not allow civilians to access the premises near Siachen Glacier other than the locals who live nearby and serve as porters for the forces. The Army is also considering opening up more of its operational positions in the high altitude terrain in Ladakh for common people to see.

The Army is in the process of identifying more of these locations and positions where civilians can come and see how the soldiers operate.

Now that is indeed a wonderful idea but we only hope that those who visit are responsible tourists and understand what the army is doing for us living in our comfortable homes. Yes, a visit to the Siachen glacier will be an eye opener.

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