Finding happiness

about 1 year ago
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 A few months ago, rather, a long time ago, there used to be this bubbling, fuzzy feeling coming up from the heart, which used to light up the face and the heart. Remember? It was called ‘happiness’ and in these past five to six months, we grownups all around the world, seem to have forgotten this feeling of being happy completely.

And for those living in Denmark, maybe they can still find a way to understand what really makes them happy – they just need to visit the ‘Happiness Museum.’ Bang in the middle on the pandemic, mid-July, this museum was opened.

This Museum provides an experiential adventure, where people of all ages and backgrounds can learn more about the essence of happiness and well-being. Through a variety of interactive experiences, workshops and events, its offers science-based techniques that people can implement in their everyday lives to remain happy.

The Museum of Happiness offers the public, tools to become happier based on the 20+ years of research on positive psychology. Over 90% of visitors to the Museum were not aware of the science of happiness and that happiness is a skill that they can learnt.

Being kind to others and ourselves, expressing yourself creatively, a sense of community and belonging, a warm, loving relationship with friends and family, periods of silence to help rest our minds and find greater peace – these are some of the tools which truly makes us happy. Maybe its time to see what truly makes us happy?

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