Going bananas!

about 2 years ago
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For regular people like us, we can appreciate art which we can understand. But watching a dot on a canvas or ugly blobs of color, we cannot help but wonder what it is all about.

One such baffling art which sold in Miami for $120000 is that of a real banana stuck to the wall with a duct tape. It is ‘designed’ by Galerie Perrotin - the same one who had made the all gold toilet, naming it ‘America’ – it was a usable toilet but now remains stolen.

The banana duct-taped ‘art’ is supposed to symbolize bananas as global trade, a double entendre, as well as a classic device for humor. We surely did not find the art funny but what is indeed funny is that he could sell this banana for such a astronomical price. It is Perrotin who must be having the last laugh.

BTW, there is no clear instructions about what to do if the banana starts to decompose.

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