Its all about 'curing' oneself

about 2 years ago
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This was probably the best punishment ever!

Missouri judge, Robert George sentenced David Berry to a year in jail for illegally killing deer, taking only their heads and antlers and leaving the rest of their bodies to rot. And while he's in jail, he's required to watch the Walt Disney movie "Bambi" once a month. The first viewing will be on or before December 23, 2018, and at least one such viewing each month thereafter," during his spell in prison.

This is a 1942 classical animated movie, where Bambi's mother is shot and killed by hunters.

The hope is that this movie will move Berry, probably ignite a guilty conscience, which is currently missing despite having poached over 100 deers.

This brings to mind the old Hindi movie, Roti, where the judge sentences the murderer to go and serve and live with the very same family whose bread winner he had killed. Or the iconic, ‘Do aankhe baraah haath’ which also showed how one’s own mind only can cure oneself.

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