Salute the India Post!!

about 1 year ago
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We somehow, almost always forget the ubiquitous postman and the India Post. Maybe the arrival of new technology has driven them completely off our minds; the new generation, today’s 5 and 10 year olds do not even know of postal services and have never seen a postman. In fact many preschoolers are taken to a post office as a part of their ‘field trip.’

But here is a reminder once again about how quietly the India Post works, even in these extraordinary times. India Post is now delivering essential goods even in this lockdown - delivering critical medicines, Covid-19 testing kits and ventilators to various locations in a matter of hours.

The postal department has also made special mail arrangements to ensure timely delivery. Medicines are also being delivered through cold-chain, even at night and on holidays. And the geographical factor does not matter at all – the department secretary said that medicines and equipments are delivered to places such as Una in Himachal Pradesh and the North-Eastern Hill University in Meghalaya; ventilators taken from Puducherry to Odisha and Gujarat; cold-chain movement from Delhi to Lucknow.

Since March 24, the Department of Posts has leveraged its vast network of 1.56 lakh-plus post offices and 4 lakh-plus employees on ground to provide the delivery of essential services to the citizens at their doorsteps in the remotest corners of the country.

Now isn’t this just fantastic service! Kudos to the India Post and salute to all those who deliver these essentials in these troubled times.

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