Stop food wastage!

about 7 months ago
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Have you seen the colossal amount of food we waste when we eat at a restaurant or worse still, at a marriage. If it’s a buffet, people pile up food on their plates as though they have not eaten for days or as though that was their last meal. We waste more food than what we produce, which should be treated as a crime especially almost 194 million people sleep hungry every single day.

Most people know this and yet they do not correct themselves and in such cases, one should adopt the technique used by the luxury hotel, Ibnii in Coorg. They have started an innovative program -  ‘Weigh The Waste, Feed A Child’- which involves weighing their food wastage every time they eat at one of their restaurants. On arrival every guest is informed that they will be charged for the leftovers on their table – Rs 100 per 10 grams.

In a matter of just three months, they were able to collect around Rs 20,000 that was later utilised to help feed and educate young girls in an orphanage in Madikeri.

A year back, the resort used to generate almost 7,700 kgs of food waste a day, that would go into their 14 composting bins (with a capacity of 550 kg each). Now that has come down to filling up just one bin a day – now isn’t that a great idea!

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