Anything becomes fashion!

about 4 months ago
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A new fashion statement is round the corner – the face mask. From being a mere tool to protect you from Covid, it is now evolving into something which can make a fashion statement.

Its good that in India, more and more people are turning to reusable cotton masks as the disposable ones are causing more harm to the environment and irresponsible people throwing it anywhere, they deem fit.

In India, Fabindia and Tjori are creating masks in beautiful block-prints and weaves and another brand, Fable Street have made masks in subtle prints and colors. Designers Masaba Gupta, Anita Dongre, Nitya Bajaj, Shivan and Narresh, Manish Tripathi and Payal Singhal are also using their creativity to the best.

Many say that masks will become a form of expression for designers and brands who may look at masks as an add-on element to their apparel collections. Matching masks to outfits will be the “in” thing as India unlocks.

Once the vaccine or cure comes, these masks will disappear because irrespective of the comfort or material used, its uncomfortable. So this is a market for a few months and many will make hay while this sun shines!

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