Biryani anyone?

about 2 years ago
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If you thought that the food which was most ordered online through Swiggy and other online delivering networks was burger or pizza or desserts, have a rethink.

Swiggy has confirmed that the ubiquitous biryani, chicken biryani to be more specific was the most ordered dish across India by the millennials or the new generation. If a few years ago pizza and brugers flourished, it’s the turn of biryanis now. Compared to 2017, there was a whopping 681% increase in biryani orders on Swiggy in 2018 – this means, one biryani is ordered every 3.5 seconds. Zomato also confirmed that biryani orders have increased more than 10 times on its platform.

Online food delivery platforms have now crowned biryani as the king of most-craved dishes. In fact it was quite amusing to know that 28th Oct is tagged as “National Biryani day”  and last year, it was celebrated by placing highest number of orders (on Swiggy) for the dish that day.

Unlike burgers and pizzas, where the caterers are a lot more, there are only a handful good biryani makers.  Rebel Foods which is the parent company of Behrouz is currently India’s largest online biryani brand. Biryani By Kilo, Biryani Blues are other popular brands online. Hopefully, this feedback from Swiggy should spur a lot of homegrown startups to start serving up biryanis to the hungry young Indians! Its most certainly healthier than a burger or pizza!

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