Business of guns!

about 2 years ago
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You can make money pretty much easy as long as you have struck on the right idea, have found the perfect gap which you can fill. That’s what strikes the mind when one reads about this “Gun” family.

The name plate on the house reads – Gun Raj. Sounds filmy but then that’s what work is – supplying guns for films. Though the mantel is now with the son, Naveen, his father Raj pioneered this business; he started out renting his original licensed guns but soon demand soared and he started making prop guns by copying the real one. Business flourished as more action films got made.

At that time, only two type of guns were required – single or double barrels for dacoits and revolvers for police officers. Today, it is much more complicated as Naveen needs to also supply bombs, grenades, holsters, metal detectors, rocket launchers and machine guns.

This gun rental company for films, operates on a daily rental basis with assistants travelling with the props to film shoots. Over the years, the company has grown to manufacture hundreds of rifles, dozens of AK-47s and pistols of every type imaginable. But when a pistol proves too difficult to make, it is imported from foreign gun manufacturers who make dummies for training and exhibition purposes. A single gun can take up to a month to make with constant coordination between welders, carpenters and specialists who focus on the minute details. 

Finally an “arms dealer” who does not cause death!

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