Craving for airline food?

about 1 year ago
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Those who are frequent fliers, what they detest the most, apart from the travel part, is the airline food. At least majority of them do. Imagine having to visit a restaurant which actually serves airplane food?

Well, whi other than an airline can do that better? AirAsia, the Malaysian airline has started its first proposed chain of hotel – Santan in Kuala Lumpur. This is Malaysian for coconut milk. Its theme is airplane food and its cuisine will be ‘ASEAN’ and not ‘ASIAN,’ where is actually an acronym for Association of Southeast Asian Nations. There is nothing known as ASEAN food.

30% of the restaurant’s menu was derived from AirAsia’s existing in-flight menu. The rest of the menu at Santan, was developed by a team of five chefs and culinary arts students. And to get the airplane food feeling, it is served in cardboard boxes.

Its too early to say how it will fare but the idea is actually not bad. An airline like Air India or earlier Jet Airways, did serve some decent food on the plane. It is a smart way to extend its brand. But it all depends on how good the food tastes because there aren’t really too many people who would actually crave for airplane food and rush to this restaurant.

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