Eco-friendly cement, anyone?

about 2 years ago
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There is nothing that is not available anymore. Earlier the cliché dialogue, ‘The streets of India sell everything- even mothers and fathers’ seemed a stretch, but slowly India is living up to it!

The beauty of the Indian industry is that even taboo things are wonderfully marketed and advertised to portray it in a healthy way. Everyone has seen the ads of Bacardi and Seagram’s, both Alcohol manufacturers advertising music cds.  We all know, the ‘sparkled water’ means alcohol and not actually drinking water! Similarly, Foursquare came up a ‘green cigarette’, if you can believe it! It is said to be relatively less harmful and more eco-friendly. Who believes that? But did you know that ACC acualy makes and sells environmental friendly cement and bricks which will emit less CO2 compared to ordinary ones.

Generally, regular cements emit up to 900 kg of CO2, but this new cement will emit 400-450 kg of CO2.  How does it matter then even if it emits less CO2- it is still toxic! And yet, because of the eco-friendly tag, we end up paying more. Why does good health and good environment cost more?

Maybe soon there will be eco-friendly gas and pollution. After all, a true salesman can sell everything, even ice to an Eskimo!

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