Fat farm for elephants!

about 2 years ago
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You sometimes feel that you have heard it all and then comes a news which first baffles you, then you nod your head wisely, ruing the direction in which the world is headed. Well, this news falls in the same category of ‘weird’.

We all struggle with weight loss, the countless diets and exercise regimes. We have also heard of dogs and cats on weight loss. But elephants? Yes, it seems elephants, which are huge to begin with are now in danger of obesity, those being kept in captivity. And that’s not all, a camp is being put up for elephants to lose weight! It is said that some 75% of North America's captive elephants could stand to lose a few pounds.  And a group of animal lovers and elephants enthusiasts are all set to open in the state of California, a weight loss camp for them. These enthusiasts, who have found a new ‘calling’ in life, are in the process of trying to purchase the land and also get the paperwork that they need in order to set up a weight loss camp intended to help not people, but elephants. 

This fat farm, is known as Ndovo (this is Swahili word for elephant) Foundation is being started by by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Roger McNamee and is pioneering the 4,900-acre preserve. It intends to tackle incidents of elephant obesity by giving them more room to run around and feeding them a high-fiber diet. An initial 3-5 elephants on the site will grow into 12 to 15 over the course of two decades.

Just like us humans, elephants too have the same health issues due to obesity - overweight zoo elephants, who tend to pack the pounds onto their rear ends, suffer from cardiac arrests, arthritis and infertlity. 

See, at the core of it all, we are all created by the same entity, right?

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