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about 2 years ago
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$3 million for a dinner with the best investor on earth? Now that sounds a lot but not for one who has the money and thinks its small change for a dinner with Warren Buffett.

Each year, Buffett volunteers to have lunch with the winner of a charity auction for the San Francisco-based organization Glide, which works to help the homeless. From 2008, be it the Wall Street collapse or any disaster, this dinner tag has never gone below $1 million. What does that say about the popularity of an 87-year old guy!

Over the years, these lunches have collectively raised almost $26 million, according to information provided by EBay for Charity. (Including additional gifts donated after the auctions have closed, the event has raised more than $26 million.)

Wonder why our Indian stars and industry honcho do not think of doing something like this? Why not use their popularity and wisdom for the more good of mankind. Maybe an auction for dinner with Mukesh Ambani or Dhoni or Ratan Tata or Lata Mangeshkar… the list of Indian achievers too is long and illustrious. It would be once-in-a-life-time experience to sit and talk to any of these, talking to them about their life journey on a one-to-one. Food would be just incidental.

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