Going nuts!

about 2 years ago
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Coconuts are to Kerala as Oranges are to Nagpur, alphonso mangoes are to Maharashtra. They are inseparable and you cannot think about it without correlating it to the other. But today’s young minds are revolutionizing these age old sectors. With every young person aiming to be an Entrepreneur, Kerala has seen its own rise of ‘fresh thinkers.’

The coconut plucking sector is looked down upon in Kerala. While every person enjoys coconut water and milk, no one respects the hard task of climbing those tall coconut trees and bringing down coconuts. Now, however, a quick Google on ‘coconut plucking’ will see lots of websites dedicated to get more customers. This small but unique sector of Kerala is turning into a hi-tech profession involving cars, mobiles and a dedicated website. Now, there are even coconut- climbing training programmes to teach aspiring coconut pluckers this unique art!

Humiliation and low self-esteem have given way to pride and desire to use one’s genetic skills to build their own business.  Coconut trees were always worshipped in Kerala and now these trees have given many their sense of identity, as well.

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