Green card rush should signal red

about 2 years ago
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For many Indians, getting to USA and then a green card is the only dream. But looks like the wait might get even longer. Green card applicants from certain countries are waiting many years for their employment-based green cards, even if they are eligible.

Too many applicants from India and China are chasing the green card as against the restrictive quotas created by the US Govt. Currently, as the quota restrictions, only 7% of the yearly quota of employment-based and family-based green cards can be given to applicants from the same country – regardless of population size. On the other hand, categories like “other” or “unskilled workers” currently only allow for 10,000 visas to be given annually.

The longest green card wait for workers is highest for the Chinese at 11 years and 7 months, mainly in the “other workers” category. On the other hand, for Indians, the wait is at 9 years and 10 months for skilled workers, professionals and other workers.

It’s a pity that we lack opportunities in our own country and despite being the fastest growing economy in the world, skilled and professionals seek to build a life in America. Who said brain drain has ebbed?

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