Ikea is Ikea!

about 3 years ago
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World over, Ikea is a name which evokes a truck load of happiness and positive energy! The products on offer at affordable prices and the way in which their showrooms are designed; it’s a pleasure all around.

Ikea now wants to get more responsible and bring down the waste its furniture also creates. It is testing renting out of office furniture in Switzerland, such as desks and chairs. The next on the anvil is renting out kitchens too rather than been sold in the future.

The leasing strategy is part of Ikea’s wider effort to design and sell goods that can be repaired, reused, recycled or resold and promote services that prolong the life of a product.

Ikea is also considering launching its own spare parts business so that customers could replace components, such as hinges or screws, for furniture no longer stocked in Ikea’s stores.

Ikea has said it wants to source 100% of its wood and paper from more sustainable sources by 2020 and plans to ditch fossil fuels by 2030.

The company has invested more than $1.93 billion in renewable energy including windfarms and rooftop solar. It owns more than 100,000 hectares of forest and has put money into a plastics recycling business as part of its efforts to build a more environmentally sustainable business.

Now that’s why we love Ikea!

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