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about 2 years ago
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With the talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking predominance is almost every ‘future’ and ‘career’ talks, here is a very interesting report put out by consulting firm KPMG. Yesterday, it published a list of what it predicts will soon become the five most sought-after AI roles. 

Take a look and maybe it will help you or your child take a better decision for the future…

AI Architect – Responsible for working out where AI can help a business, measuring performance and—crucially— “sustaining the AI model over time.

AI Product Manager – Liaises between teams, making sure ideas can be implemented, especially at scale. Works closely with architects, and with human resources departments to make sure humans and machines can all work effectively.

Data Scientist – Manages the huge amounts of available data and designs algorithms to make it meaningful.

AI Technology Software Engineer – Software engineers who can scale right from pilot phase to deployment. Engineers who can build scalable technology and understand how AI actually works.

AI Ethicist –Creating guidelines and ensuring they’re upheld will increasingly become a full-time job.

The problem is that currently the need is there but there aren’t enough people to fulfill these AI needs. In fact there isn’t even a pipeline of skilled AI people generated. Reminds one of the early software days – there was no much demand but not enough supply of people.

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