Leading by example

about 3 months ago
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At a time when we see most politicians doing a tu-tu-main-main and slinging mud on each other instead of coming together and working to get over this pandemic, it was very heart warming to read that there are some, very few politicians who are actually human and empathetic too.

Mizoram’s minister for Sports & Tourism, Robert Royte actually did some hard labor, literally worked on the ground. At his village, Chite Veng, he helped his neighbour rebuild his dilapidated houses by helping him lift heavy boulders up a steep slope.

Royte is a footballer-turned-politician and he was there with many other volunteers from the community, helping carry heavy stones from a stockyard that was about 60 metres downhill from the construction site. Due to Covid, labour was hard to come by and the entire community pitched in.

Royte says that he is a leader and when all look up to him, it is very important for him to be a leader who leads by example.

Our country would be so different if we had more leaders like Royte.

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