Population rise, in luxury and style!

about 3 years ago
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For every parent it is a dream that their child should be born in the best of hospitals, with the best care available and many even want to buy the best in terms of luxury; the best which money and life can offer! Keeping this need in mind, many private birthing centers are being set up to fulfill this dream of expectant mothers and young families.

Birthplace, a birthing center in Hyderabad provides medical support services but in a more friendly ambience.  The twenty-five room facility has no visiting hours, no room numbers and once the baby is delivered, you get driven back home in a luxurious car!  Birthplace will soon expand to other southern cities.  Meanwhile, in Mumbai, a birthing centre called Natural Birth Centre popularizes natural births, helped by non-invasive techniques. Then there are others like HypnoBirthing, Water Birthing and Lotus Birth.

Every day, more and more centres are being set up not just in metropolitan cities but even in two and three tiered cities. The willingness of parents to shell out for once in a lifetime birthing experiences has created a new market in India. Population on rise, of course, but in style and luxury!

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