Pure milk a myth?

about 2 years ago
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Looks like milk is soon going to go the mineral water way. We cannot drink tap water because it is contaminated thus we have to resort to buying drinking water. Ditto for milk soon.

The mass milk which we get, is adultered with loads of things. The Consumer Guidance Society of India has stated that the milk which get delivered to our doorsteps every single morning contains, sodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, formalin, urea, pulverised soap, detergents, benzoic and salicylic acid. Yes, it also contains water, skimmed milk powder, salt, cane sugar, glucose, starch, and buffalo milk. Thus the ‘natural’ milk we think we are drinking has all these things to give it a longer life, make it thicker. Resultant, what we perceive to be very good for health could actually cause more harm.

To combat this, like the mineral water suppliers, there is a new bunch of milk suppliers. The few around are Sarda Farms, Doctor Moo and Pride of Cows. They are state that the milk they supply is ‘pure’ like the way it is supposed to be. Doctor Moo goes as far as playing piped music for the cows, customised feeding and medical check-ups. And naturally, all these brands of ‘natural’ milk comes at a high price.

Well, ironically, India is the largest producer and consumer of milk in the world and yet 99% of the milk that we get is adulterated. Just like water. Very soon, we will start companies marketing ‘pure and natural’ air to breathe!

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