Sports is unifying

about 2 years ago
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It is very rare to hear good and heartwarming news coming from the terror struck valley of Kashmir. With curfews and terror attacks becoming a part of their day-to-day life, people there have almost forgotten to lead a normal life. The abnormal is normal there.

In this atmosphere it was very good to hear that football actually got some 2000 people together at a stadium for 90 minutes, keeping all fears and attacks at bay.

This was on 25th August when Bandipore was actually shutdown but people came together at the floodlit Sher-e-Kashmir stadium, some 66 kms from Srinagar to watch a football match between Mohammadan Sports Sopore and Real Kashmir Football Club. The match ended in a draw but for 90 minutes, all had forgotten the turbulence in their district, concentrating instead on the sportsmanship spirit.

This is what sports does to you – unites and fills your heart with happiness. Maybe sports is the way to be bring peace in the region? Maybe we need to build more stadiums in the valley?

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