Technology changes life

about 2 years ago
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We in India might yet not be experiencing living in a ‘smart city’ where Internet of Things (IoT) makes life so easy. But take a look at some of these cities where life IoT is actually life changing.

Singapore’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) tells motorists when roads are crowded and boosts tolls accordingly, while re-phasing traffic lights and plotting alternative routes that motorists can follow. This gives Singapore’s residents back somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 hours a year.

Telehealth is hugely popular in London where your vital signs such as blood pressure are monitored in real time, with the data transmitted via telephone or broadband to a monitoring center or health care professional. London’s telehealth is GPS enabled and has some 30,000 members already registered.

For tourists, in many countries, going to the Information centers is passé. It is replaced by kiosks, which work through touchscreen technology, can do everything from plan the best walking routes, timed to the minute, to generate an integrated calendar of events complete with ticket purchasing options that integrate to mobile wallet technology.

Seattle Mariners cut water consumption by 10%, or 2 million gallons, over a three-year period through IoT technology.

There are smart apps that allow fans at games to track down the best places to park and order concessions in advance in the stadium. The data collected helps stadium operators better prepare for the games ahead.

Are we even talking about these things? We are still at a stage of providing electricity to all….

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