Teertha Vitthal, kshetra Vitthal.....

about 2 years ago
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On the auspicious occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi, it was good to know that the online darshan booking for devotees of Padharpur, started five years ago, it doing pretty well. Only during this time of Ashadi, the online booking for darshan is stopped – from 15th July to 27th July as the place is literally taken over by the Varkaris – it is more important to accommodate them than us easy bhakts during this time.

It is a good move by the Vitthalrukminimandir.org to start this online service of granting time slot for darshan as many do report of queues getting shorter and more manageable Just like Tirupati!

For availing your preferred time slot, you have to access the temple website and enroll yourself by putting in your name and photograph. Once you have chosen your preferred time slot, devotees can arrive in the temple just an hour before their darshan timing. 

With devotees arriving in from not just Maharashtra but also Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the temple’s website too will be flooded with a throng of devotees. Lord Balaji and Pandharpur Vithoba are essentially the same and it is wonderful to know that they now follow the same online process. Of course, Balaji is much richer and very organized. Surely, Pandharpur will get there soon!

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