Thank God for elections!

about 1 year ago
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The state of Maharashtra is incurring a cost of Rs.21 crore and developing a “CM Dashboard.”

This is a web-based dashboard, made specifically for the CM of Maharahstra, Devendra Fadnavis, where updated information related to government’s works will be available at the click of a mouse. The CM will be able to micro manage every single development projects and schemes in Maharashtra at the click of a mouse.

Through this dashboard, the CM’s office can minutely review the progress of any work right up to the district level. The platform will also be interactive where information and statistics will also be open for the public but that is to happen much later.

For now the access will be given only to the various Govt departments who are in the process of uploading information.

The best part - various government departments and district collectors will be given star ratings based on their performance in adapting to the CM dashboard projects, while non-performers will be issued alerts.

Well, this is a very good move and the faster it becomes public, the more effective will it become. Indeed, when elections come calling, so much good work, pending for years, gets completed in a jiffy!

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