THE event of the year!!!

about 2 years ago
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This is probably the biggest event which every middle class Indian household is waiting for – at least all those who have been abroad and wished fervently for having an IKEA home.

Well, after 6 years of research and learning, the 4 lakh sq.feet store, the first in India, will open this month in Hyderabad. The 1000-seater restaurant of IKEA, which is one of the biggest draws in any IKEA across the world will have 50% Indian and 50% Swedish. Around 1000 of its 7500 products are to be priced at less than Rs.200.

Besides its signature Billy Bookcase and flat-weave rugs, IKEA will introduce many India-specific items and solutions. The IKEA research team has visited over 1000 homes in India, trying to understand the needs of an average Indian.

IKEA plans to innovate when it comes to the kitchen - spice boxes, idli-makers, pressure cookers, and flat pans or tawas.

IKEA has also tied up with Gurugram-based customer services startup UrbanClap whose carpenters it will train to handle and assemble its furniture.

So looks like Hyderabad will become a destination for most us Indians, thanks to IKEA.

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