The life is excesses

about 2 years ago
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It is a known fact that the Indian economy is what it is today only because of the robust growth from rural India. Without support of “Bharat”, the Indian growth story would have never taken off. And in this context, the growing affluence of our farmers can be seen not just in the rise in sales of luxury cars in villages but also in the multiple brands of luxury tractors being launched for them.

The number of luxury, International brands launching tractors includes Escort’s Ferrari, Mahindra and Mahindra’s Arjun and Japanese Kubota.  Italy’s SDF Group launched its Lamborghini tractor couple of years ago. There are also customized, high-end machines with a price tag of Rs.7-18 lakhs. The farmers don’t mind investing money in tractors, as they are not just fuel efficient and easy to operate but also air-conditioned, a luxury for those toiling away in the hot, humid sun throughout the day.

Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh have become the biggest markets for high end tractors. The regular tractors cost around Rs.2-6 lakh but the luxury tractors cost a whopping Rs.7-18 lakhs, ex-showroom price. And, the price tag hasn’t deterred the farmers as the sales of luxury tractors as Lamborghini is looking at doubling its sales by 2020.

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