Titan saris?

about 2 years ago
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Titan began as a watch company and look how far it has come today. From watches, it is today one of the trusted names in jewellery with its Tanishq and also with eye glasses, Titan Eye. It is now toying with the idea of getting into saris too.

The company is “incubating” Taneira, its sari business since Feb this year and basically through exhibitions trying to gauge the response of the public to its saris. It has in fact set up two stores in Bangalore.

Taneira saris will stick to the theme of local - natural and handwoven saris and associated apparel. Its USP, that which will differentiate it from scores of other saris, apart from being a “Titan” sari will be its authenticity.  It will be mostly high-end saris and sourced from local weavers. Like the Assam Muga sari with elaborate embroidery is sold at Rs.50,000 and Patan Patola, which tok 18 months to weave is priced at Rs.3 lakh. Thus the target audience will be the same women shopping Tanishq and wearing Titan’s Raga brand of watches.

The company plans to present this plan to its Board in the next fiscal meeting and let’s see where it goes from there. Indeed a very interesting and logical brand expansion but a completely new realm.

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