Urgent need for teachers!!

about 2 years ago
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When we read stories like these, we cannot help but what exactly are the priorities of our leaders? We constantly beat the chest, proudly proclaiming to the world that we have the largest young population in the world, which guarantees a successful growth story. But is that so? Having the largest young could become a curse if they are not channelized right.

Each and every household knows the importance of education and all work hard to educate their children. Thus it was sad to know that Govt schools are full of children but the staff rooms are empty. We are facing a peculiar situation where children are willing to learn but there are simply no teachers.

The poor work conditions, poorer classrooms and facilities have made working for these teachers impossible. Why are the Govt schools in such deplorable condition? Why can’t the Govt recognize this very urgent need to have teachers and work on a war footing to resolve this very critical problem? Youth with no activity for the brain is very dangerous; the same strength we have now could turnaround…

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