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about 3 years ago
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In Andhra Pradesh, the swanky new capital is slowly taking steps towards designing it into the grand capital it wants to be. But sometimes, in all these plans to look great, one might actually end up looking a bit silly.

That seems to be the case with Amravati. It hired star architect Norman Foster for designing the state assembly building. Drawing inspiration from “local culture and tradition” what he came up with looks like an idli maker! A gigantic one that too!

Yes, inspiration can come from anywhere but an idli maker looking building? It might be that obvious when seen from the ground level but from the top, it does look like one. Though giving credit where it is due, the interiors are very well planned with natural light coming in from the skylight from the building’s rising spike.

Well, many might argue it is a very contemporary design but surely one expected something grander from the state which made the blockbuster Bahubali.

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