Yellow goes green!!

about 2 years ago
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A taxi driver who demands nothing extra but just that you plant a sapling!!! That’s incredible, almost unbelievable until you see the “green” taxi of 43 year old Dhananjay Chakraborty in Kolkatta.

He drives the ubiquitous yellow taxi, an Ambassador and he has planted a bed of real grass on its roof, eight potted plants placed on the tray behind the rear seat and a green interior to go with his message to save the environment and take care of trees.

Such is his passion for the green cause that he has spent more than Rs 22,000, equivalent to what he earns after toiling for a month and a half, on creating the bed of grass on the roof of his taxi.

How did he make the bed of grass on the roof? It’s a metal tray which weighs 65kgs. Dhananjay spread a layer of soil, white sand, stone chips and netting over the tray before planting the grass. To drain out excess water, there are tiny holes at the base of the tray.

Dhananjay has also decorated the taxi stand at Tollygunge Karunamoyee with flowerpots and regularly distributes seeds and saplings among passengers and passers-by who show interest.

He has a Facebook account called Bapi Green Taxi and his email ID is, where passengers and well-wishers can write in with their suggestions.

Some call him crazy but if this is crazy, we surely need more and more crazy people like him. How about going crazy?????

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