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about 15 years ago

ICICI Bank has filed is DRHP with the SEBI on 16-05-07 for its FPO. The BRLM to the issue are Goldman Sachs, DSP Merill Lynch, Enam and J M Morgan Stanley.


However, the company in its DRHP has not specified the number of shares and hence it is difficult to take a call on issue size, which is likely to be close to Rs.20,000 crores. Also, since fund requirements have not been quantified, again it becomes a bit difficult to collate the financial details of the issue.


However, Net NPA of the bank rose to 0.98% at Rs.20.19 billion for FY07 from 0.71% of FY 06 at Rs.10.75 billion. The advances to project under implementation also fell to 1.76% of gross advances in FY 07 from 49.3% of FY 02.


This means bank's focus has been more on consumer finance and with the subsequent increase in its level of activity, NPA of the bank is also on the rise.

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