Do We Really Have Investors?

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

It is said that people will serve you what you want. That is the reason we see Queue outside Wine shop, while ............?

Sadly, few so called investors seen in the market are expecting -
1)    As long as stock is rising, they are LT Investors
2)    They want to buy a stock at the bottom and want it to rise  from next minute, after having bought
3)    They want to sell at peak and after their selling, stock should not rise
4)    They wish to know the positive or negative news, 1-2 minutes ahead, or max 5 minutes, so as to buy or sell, as they have no temperament or word "Patience" in their dictionary  
5)    A stock should not fall, after having bought by them, even on ID or on closing basis, as they calculate real time MTM Profit only.

No expert can meet or satisfy these criteria. Probably even GOD is incapable.

Yesterday, we carried a Fundamental piece here on Jain Irrigation, to give confidence and soothe the bruised nerves of such so called investors. Even Jayaswal Neco was covered 3 days prior to that. But HELL with such articles. Queries kept pouring in, to book gains on both stocks, as both were in LC for some time. For Jain, stock till 1 pm was in LC, and thereafter these investors came out from slumber, after 1.30 pm, as LC opened, and many wanted to buy it thereafter.

Infact, Media and experts there, if mislead and misguide these investors,  looks like doing right, by paying them in the same coin, or serving them stuff as desired by them. TO FOOL THEM.

If you can't CONVINCE, CONFUSE is the MANTRA.  

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