JITF Infralogistic - Hitting LC Par Mayoosi Kyoon?

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

JITF Infra (JITF) stock was hitting UC from 6th August, 21 (ruling at Rs.33.10 then) to Rs. 321.20, till 14th October, 21 continuously for 48 trading days. Incidentally, stock was in LC a day prior to that, on 5th August. Members holding it were obviously very happy, seeing daily gain of 5%, with money multiplied by about 10x in about 2 months.

Our Editor & CEO, Mr.S.P. Tulsian, says that he has not seen this kind of gains, having been given in about 2 months, by any stock in his entire life time of 48 years of presence in the stock market. His earlier buy call on TCI Industries, given at Rs. 30 on or about 1-4-2003, on CNBC TV then, though rose to Rs. 8,100 on 5-11-07, but it took 4 years and 8 months, to rise by 270 times, as stock had 2% UC Band for all these years.

Even CG Power having risen from Rs.15 to Rs. 145, in last 15 months, saw 2-3 LC and correction on many days, as no stock can rise and should not go up, one way. Multibagger stocks have typical trading pattern, which needs faith, patience, conviction and promoter kind of investing.

But few members here seen having invested over 2% (Balanced & Conservative) and over 5% (by Growth profile) defying our stock allocation advice. Also, few here took the levels of Rs. 321 as sacrosanct, due to their greed, immaturity and arrogance. We, while giving this buy call, have indicated that stock can rise by 100% every year, over the next 5-10 years, from Rs.30 levels, which is a true characteristic of a MB stock.

This O.P. Jindal Group company, aims to be a prominent infrastructure development company, with focus on sustainable development in the Railway Rolling Stock manufacturing, Water and Waste Water EPC business and Waste to Energy under Municipal Solid Waste management sector.

For joy of all our mebers, stock moved from LC to UC yesterday, which was also expected and stated by us here. Few suspicious, greedy, impulsive investors, seen dancing on, without music, who were seen desperate to sell and exit, must have exited yesterday, as they are generally seen standing in Queue daily to sell. Stock will keep hiiting UC and LC for next 1-2 months, maybe, once in every week, till it reaches to climax of LC, when peak quantity of sellers (in number of sellers and number of shares), will get bought by a Quality Investor, turning stock back from LC to UC on that day, as was seen yesterday.

Maybe, same member who sold yesterday, will again come and stand in “Q”as buyer, as they are destined to stand in “Q”  and love to carry greed and dissatisfaction in life and in the market.

Quality Investors buy the stock at right price and not at UC to sell it at LC, like few impulsive investors.

Note by our Editor SP Tulsian –
Still holding shares of TCI Industries, bought at Rs. 30 in 2003 (now ruling at Rs. 1,065)  and JITF bought in July, 21, with less than 1% of PF, for both the stocks.  This gives message of ART OF INVESTING.

This is not a Buy or Sell recommendation, while stock recommendations are provided exclusively to our paid members in the Member Zone.

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