Paytm CEO Insults National Anthem

By Research Desk
about 3 years ago

During Paytm's listing ceremony at BSE, Paytm's Founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma broke out into tears after hearing India's national anthem. The line 'Bharat Bhagya Vidhata'...just overwhelms me, means...'the one who will define the fortune of this country'," Sharma explained. "I can't say it with enough words...that everyone at Paytm has actually done that," he added.

Paytm CEO needs to know the correct meaning of BHARAT BHAGYA VIDHATA-
BHARAT means our Great & Pride Nation, INDIA,
BHAGYA means Goddess LAKSHMI or Fate, and
VIDHATA means Creator or LORD BRAHMA,

His saying that "I can't say it with enough words...that everyone at Paytm has actually done that" is exactly opposite.

Wealth or LAKSHMI of retail investors got eroded by about 25% on first day of listing itself.

It looks like, company is trying to justify (or read trying to preserve valuation at an IPO levels), as CFO, about 1 week back, loosely justified valuations.

But, Mr Sharma, must hear what investors are talking now. Calling Paytm as MTM (Mark to market losses) or company recovered all cashback given, or circulating video of Sharma, dancing on song of  Film Laawaris, Apni to Jaise Taise, claimed to be at party thrown after receiving SEBI approval for IPO.

Mr Sharma must remember that “Yeh to Public hai sab jaanti hai”, a song of Film Roti, and song sung by retail investors, “Hume to loot liya mil ke Patym walon ne” and song from Film Pyar Ka Sagar, “Wafa jinse ki, bewafa ho gaye" and song Paise ki Pehchaan yahaan, Investors ki kimat koi nahin  from film Pechhan.

Can Sharma also dance on all these thematic songs:)

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