Vedanta Ltd - Bears are seen cutting shorts

By Research Desk
about 4 months ago

So, no need to worry for investors, as near and mid term view on the stock is not seen positive but bullish. This is what was stated by us here on Monday for Vedanta, when Media and many experts scared on week end, with extreme weak view given on Vedanta share price, after open offer got announced on Saturday. Share closed weak by couple of rupees on Monday and having recovered it yesterday, while it is gathered and trade data also suggest that Bears have come on table to square off their shorts, On Monday 4.16 crore shares and on Tuesday 2.38 crore shares were traded in F&O, of which, major volume was of short covering by Bears. Now in January series, 7.50 crore shares open interest exist, of which, major quantity is of Hedging of cash buying, with significant short covering has happened and will get over in this week. To make Bears square off their shorts, Bulls may keep stock range bound for this week, while thereafter, no Bears will have courage to build fresh shorts, thus giving extremely positive view on vedanta from Friday or from Monday. No more negative news planted by Bears and ignited by media may also be seen from hereon.

To give background on last week negative report, 79.4% Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) is directly owned by Vedanta Resources, while Indian and Australian copper business is directly held by Vedanta Ltd, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources. Konkola Copper Mines plc, is one of Africa's largest integrated copper producers, having  mines at Konkola, Nchanga and Nampundwe. On consolidated basis, Vedanta Ltd has shown a negative EBIT of Rs. 509 cr in FY 19 and negative EBIT of Rs. 178 for H1FY20. This means that mines are holding good value, but as of now are not seen profit making for Vedanta Ltd. Infact Vedanta won the case on 20-11-20 in its favour, wherein, winding up of KCM was halted. Even if same is reveresed as specualted on 6-1-21, it will be challenged in the higher court by Vedanta, as they are determined to fight, as also, seen on strong legal footing

Bears realised of fighting losing battle, where unethical moves, even supported by Media, has also not worked. So, Peace Pipe seen offerred by Bulls to Bears is seen working now. There is a say, AB AYA OONT PAHAD KE NEECHE. Camel when comes near moutain, has realised that there are things taller than him in this world as well.

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