How to convert barrel to mmbtu?

By Research Desk
about 9 years ago

1 barrel (bbl) is 159 litres, by volume.



1 bbl oil equivalent = 140 kg oil equivalent, since average density of oil is about 0.88

  • lower than water’s density of 1 and hence oil floats on water
  • density varies based on heavier / lighter crude oil, but 0.88 can be taken as the average density for the Indian oil basket.


1 kg oil equivalent leads to 0.04 mmbtu of natural gas

where, mmbtu stands for one Million British thermal unit


Thus, for calculation purposes,


1 bbl oil = 140*0.04 mmbtu = 5.6 mmbtu natural gas


Thus, given the heavy-light crude mix, for the Indian context,

1 barrel oil can be converted to 5.6 mmbtu of gas.


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