HEG has a spectacular run

about 3 years ago
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HEG has been consistently hitting new highs; an outperformer ever since it declared its March numbers, the stock price today soared to a new high at Rs.4559.80, up 5%, hitting the UC.

Once again, for Q1FY19 too, the company’s performance has surpassed all expectations. Its revenue rose by a spectacular 673% to Rs.1587 crore and it reported a net profit of Rs.770 crore v/s loss of Rs.8.5 crore in previous Q1.

Operating profit came in at Rs.1188 crore, up over 50 times! Margins were jaw dropping at 74.8% v/s 11.4% (YoY).

Increasing realisations during to soaring demand has changed the fortunes of HEG and all graphite electrode makers/exporters in India. HEG has repaid its entire debt is now debt free, making it further attractive.

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