Tata Elxsi hits new high

about 3 years ago
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Tata Elxsi, which had closed yesterday at Rs.1341.05, went on to hit a new high today at Rs.1357.50; it has since then come off the high and is now at Rs.1342 levels, almost back to where it closed yesterday, nevertheless in the green.

The news on the Street is that using AI, Tata Elxsi might be the first company in India with its driverless car prototype solution set to hit the road in the next six-eight months.

The company stated that the solution will be implemented by one of the top five auto-makers and predicted that services like Uber will be the initial adopters of these autonomous and driverless cars and expects demand to come mainly from them.

It has registered trademark brand, Autonomai, a fully autonomous middleware platform which has been licensed to one of the top five automakers. Currently, one of the automakers has fitted it in one of their cars and is running it on test tracks in Germany.

The company has run its test drives in India and what it found in its prototype cars was the ability to recognise traffic signs in all conditions with 99.54% accuracy compared with 98.4% of a human.

Currently, the speed limit for these cars is 60-70 kmph and it is working on increasing this to about 100 kmph and more at a later date.

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