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Fri 10 Jul 2015   05:30 pm   Industrial Production YoY MAY  
Mon 13 Jul 2015   05:30 pm   CPI Inflation Rate YoY JUN  
Tue 14 Jul 2015   12:00 pm   WPI Inflation YoY JUN  
Tue 14 Jul 2015   12:30 pm   WPI Inflation YoY JUN  
Wed 29 Jul 2015   11:30 pm   US Federal Reserve statement  

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  • Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the psyche of the investor. In a bull market, when the markets are booming and almost all stocks have run much ahead of valuation, hunting for penny stocks comes naturally, or should we say, is any hunters instinct. But in a bear market, when blue chips are b more...

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  • Lessons from Gabbar Singh!
  •   All of us, almost all of us, would have seen and heard Gabbar Singh in Sholay. The portrayal of a dacoit by actor Amjad Khan is a milest more...

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  • Greece has joined Somalia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe in defaulting on the IMF more

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  • D/S, good evening thanks for your valuable suggestion on KAL HO NA HO principle. Today i was apply it on rcom 60pe and ktkbank 130ce.closed the both positions end of the day with profit.
  • K Srinivas, Andhra Pradesh on 16th June, 2015
  • Many thanks for axis and icici. Booked handsome profit in both scrips all due to you.
  • Bindu Khaitan, West Bengal on 30th April, 2015
  • Sir,just a thank you msg for Wockhardt.1520 target met within 10 minutes of your reply. Made handsome profits both in cash and futures. Thank you.
  • Kiran Tanna, Maharashtra On 27th May, 2015
  • Sir, even in this high volatile market, your both ID calls got accurate. Although i don't play on ID but wanted to say thanks 4 such accurate calls by which members getting benefited.
  • Rajiv Agrawal, Haryana On 17th April, 2015
  • Dear all members Today I asked to sir to short Lupin for Intraday and sir didn't allow me and saved money. So sometimes by listen sir we can save not earned but not loose also.
  • Mehul M Patel, Gujarat on 11th May, 2015
  • Dear sir. Salute to you. FED declare policy even at midnight you have analysed it and put it in cover features to members. so nice of you and hardworking person.
  • Hiren Priyadarshi, Gujarat on 18th June, 2015
  • Sir 4 member julleybora:When any scrip is recommended by Sir, they do indepth analysis.Sometimes scrips are recommended on news & other views & not on financials.Our basic aim is Profit. So have faith.
  • Amit Doshi, West Bengal on 6th June, 2015
  • There was a strong sell signal for Bata at CNBC today, but i was very confident. Look now. Thanks sir for making our lives less complicated.
  • Namrata Pradeep Agarwal, Maharashtra on 6th April, 2015
  • Sir, please accept my sincere thanks for the profit in Auropharma. Had bought 100 shares at 1150 and sold today at 1360. Happy both for the profit earned as well as to see another super call from you.
  • Durgesh Madan, New Delhi on 7th April, 2015