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Mon 25 Jul 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Tue 26 Jul 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Wed 27 Jul 2016   CNBC TV 18   Opening Bell   08:30 am  
Wed 27 Jul 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Thu 28 Jul 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  

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A 'hot' topic of the day explained in detail

  • We have many investors/traders posting us queries on the website, asking for some penny stock ideas. The only question which comes to mind is “why?” This search for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the brilliant rainbow is what puts traders at risk. And this is a dangerous time to be on the more...

New Issue Analysis (IPO)

Critical examination and opinion of all upcoming IPOs and FPOs

IPO Premium

Precise grey market premiums of all upcoming IPOs

No new IPO Premiums

Corporate Inklings

A different angle to financial news, by reading between the lines

  • Generating employment
  • India Post is really on the move, getting into making news now on a daily basis. Yesterday, it was about how it is making money out of stamps and t more...

Result Analysis

Review of quarterly / annual results of 2 companies, daily



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Financial terms and jargons simplified

  • What is Put Call Ratio (PCR)?
  • Put Call ratio is calculated by taking the ratio of put volume traded to the call volume traded. Put Call Ratio is design to measure the overall pe more...

Did You Know That?

One interesting fact from the corporate world

  • There are 8,167 wilful defaulters who owe banks an amount of Rs 76,685 crore and 1,724 FIRs have already been filed in 2015-16. more

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  • Within 10 days of subscription I made much more than the cost. Bought Grauer, Gokal, Oricon, Kesoram - all in profit. Century bought bit late at 581. Congrats to you Sir!
  • Suneel Aradhye, Navi Mumbai on 23 Nov 2015
  • Sir, Amazing IPO analysis on Coffee Day , share price almost reached its fair value according to your analysis, thanks a lot.
  • Kalyan, Andhra Pradesh on 3rd November 2015
  • Sir,When i used to trade in f&O, i used to feel like a ship in high seas without compass. But today i am confident, becaouse of your guidance and advise. Thanks a lot and made another 7% return this month.
  • Srinath Padasala, Karnataka on 11th September, 2015
  • Apart from a stock market business I learned lot of things from you sir. Decipline , focus towards work , sticking on words what you say, ethics Even whole world go against for your words finally you won.
  • Riyaz, Andhra pradesh on 16th September, 2015
  • Sir, everyone has noticed Kesoram but not Kopran. It is up today by 6%. So we all need to have patience and conviction. Thank You Sir.
  • Amit, Kolkata on 23 Nov 2015
  • R.sir, Thanks for NIIT target of 4 months booked in 4 days!!! Thanks.
  • Ashish Nathwani, Gujarat on 17th July, 2015
  • THANKS sir for ur quick answer and target met in 15 min .hat off to u sir ur great and guiness
  • Jyoti, Mumbai on 19 Feb 2016
  • Friend Stabstian, it happens with all. Even I had sleepless nights 4 booking less profits. Now my attitude is totally changed by this quote"count your blessings not your missing". Even in our life. Thanks Sir.
  • Saraswathy, Andhrapradesh on 23rd June, 2015
  • Sir, Thanks for your inputs on numerous stocks throughout the day.Hats off to your perseverance.May GODBLESS YOU AND YOUR TEAM.REGARDS
  • Keshav Dev Sharma, Telengana on 10th July, 2015