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Date Channel Programme Time
Fri 25 Apr 2014   CNBC TV 18   CLOSING BELL   02:30 pm  
Tue 29 Apr 2014   CNBC TV 18   STOCK PICK   08:30 am  
Tue 29 Apr 2014   CNBC TV 18   YOUR STOCKS   02:00 pm  
Tue 29 Apr 2014   CNBC TV 18   CLOSING BELL   02:30 pm  
Wed 30 Apr 2014   CNBC TV 18   CLOSING BELL   02:30 pm  

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Date Time Event
Wed 30 Apr 2014   05:30 pm   USA GDP for Q1  
Wed 30 Apr 2014   11:30 pm   USA FOMC Meeting  
Fri 02 May 2014   10:30 am   HSBC India Manufacturing PMI for April'14  
Tue 06 May 2014   10:30 am   HSBC India Services PMI for April'14  
Mon 12 May 2014   05:30 pm   IIP for March'14  

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  • Cyclical stocks are those which move in tandem with the business cycles and reflect the state of the economy and not the changes in the season. For eg: when there the economy is booming, there is a demand for luxury goods or when there is a recession, automobiles show a slump in demand. This in shor more...

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  • Mother Nature hits back
  •   Mother Nature has immense tolerance but when pushed to the wall, She surely strikes back in anger and what Her fury can unleash, we huma more...

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Review of quarterly / annual results of 2 companies, daily

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  • In the Assembly elections held in November-December 2013, when Nota was introduced, it made an immediate impact. More than 15 lakh disgruntled voters more


  • Good evening Sir, few days ago i bought SAIL 65 PE ( U recommend d same in answered queries ), today i earn decent profit in it ,Thanking You with folding hands...
  • Neerj Goel, New Delhi on 12th November, 2013
  • Want to thank you and make all members aware about your RIL Future call. After results it didn't react much but I heard you on CNBC about moving pass 900. Really appreciate your knowledge and analysis.
  • Santosh navangule, Maharashtra on 21st October, 2013
  • I am new member to this family, Thank you for the perfect ID calls. Please suggest members to use 'Stock Query' option , this will avoid repeated questions.
  • Devendra Babu, Andhra Pradesh on 21st October, 2013
  • Sir, today renewed my association with you once again. Thank You Sir for your great & timely advise which immensely helped me both financially and otherwise. Each day is a learning day under your guidance.
  • Amit Doshi, West Bengal on 18h January 2014
  • Sirji you are great. We all should learn the value of commitment from you. You were traveling Friday/Saturday and now responding to queries. Which adviser will do this? We cannot ask for more.
  • Sunil Ojha, Haryana on 10th November, 2013
  • Sir, I exited all PE calls in profit. Each day SQ section is like a workshop for us to learn not only how to invest but also being a good human being with clear thinking and conviction. Be Blessed!
  • Harpreet Singh, New Delhi on 21st November 2013
  • I am a month old member. After going through all the answered queries and made profits, Regards
  • Ranganathan Ramachandran, West Bengal on 10th Oct 2013
  • All Team member, Request you to read all previous queries before posting any query & search for stock name in all queries in SQ & then read all queries. It will helpful for both SirJi & for us as well.
  • Pratik Jain, Maharashtra on 18th January 2014
  • Sir, would like to congratulate your technical team for this wonderful website. It's very responsive even on low bandwidth connection. Really simple and intuitive.
  • Jagdish Upadhyay, Karnataka on 22nd January 2014