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  • The company posted one of its best performances for any quarter with Gross Refining Margins (GRMs) or the earnings of turning every barrel of crude oil into fuel coming in at $10.1/barrel v/s $9.3/barrel (YoY). This has been the best GRM since the past two years. The performance was led mainly by more...

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  • Ultratech Cement Goof up
  • Ultratech Cement will be declaring its Q4 results on 25th April, 2015.  The company has informed the BSE now at 16.43 that  conference ca more...

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  • Despite slower growth last year of 7.4%, its slowest pace in nearly a quarter century, China’s $10 trillion economy is more than twice the size it w more

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  • Sir, Thanks for your update on SKIL Infra in the 'Corporate Inklings' Section. Requesting family members to read the same and hold with conviction without asking on targets for near term.
  • Vinayak Toal, Maharashtra on 13th February 2015
  • Sir, your MCX & SKIL ideas. One time showed losses in both month ago. Now both showing approx 1Lakh profit each with small Captial. Great for a small investor like me. Your site is for all - big & small investor alike. Big thank you.
  • Moyeed, Maharashtra on 2nd March, 2015
  • Excellent article on "Market Crash", it clears my doubt. Request to read to all members & special thanks to Ruma Dubey Madam, for clear and easy way of. Excellent writing.
  • Shriguru, Maharashtra on 10th March, 2015
  • You are real gem sir. You are the only one who predict RBI rate cut in the first week of march. Many Analysts after budget, saying no rate cut due to fiscal deficit target revised to 3.9.
  • Devaditya, Punjab on 4th March, 2015
  • SPT give buy U.spirts, mcx,when ever so called experts give sell. Don't know "these expert" change there view on a little selling. They just make fool of us. only SPT. strict with his view despite volatility.
  • Vibhanshu Deshwal, Uttar Pradesh on 17th January, 2014
  • Sirji, booked in MCX ICICI Lupin. Only hold Crompton for Rs. 195 and Glenmark. Also added GIC at Rs.274. Delivery ST investment has changed life and your concept of profit booking. Have booked 3 to 5%; 10 times now.
  • Harsh Mahajan, Maharashtra on 20th January, 2015
  • Thanks for ahmed nagar, I booked handsome profit.
  • Praveen Kumar Mansinghka, Saudi Arabia on 15th April, 2015
  • Sir. booked part profits in mcx and reliance.. thank confused after my fall in jpa last yr now making money in a volatile mkt..your mantras helped of being st investor and booking profits.
  • Harsh Mahajan, Maharashtra on 01st April, 2015
  • Guruji, Pranam. Guruji as per your advice I shorted HUL @ Rs.936 and covered @ Rs.890. What a perfection indeed. To some extent i covered the loss of 1 lot of TCS. God Bless you sir!
  • Smt. Rani Devi Gupta, Uttar Pradesh on 19th January, 2015