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Wed 01 Jun 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Thu 02 Jun 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Fri 03 Jun 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  

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Thu 02 Jun 2016   05:15 pm   Europe Interest Rate Decision  
Thu 02 Jun 2016   05:30 pm   OPEC Meet (Tentative)  
Thu 02 Jun 2016   06:00 pm   ECB Chief Draghi speaks  
Fri 03 Jun 2016   06:00 pm   USA Unemployment Rate (May)  
Mon 06 Jun 2016   11:00 pm   Fed Chair Yellen Speaks  

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  • Even while Q4FY16 numbers from India Inc continued to send shock waves, with more companies showing a loss and degrowth than profits and growth, these GDP numbers for Q4FY16 have been a true chart buster. Banks are in losses, rural consumption is poor and IIP too has been bad. Yet, this robust GDP n more...

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  • What does YTD stand for?
  • YTD stands for Year-to-Date. It is a period starting from the beginning of the current year and continuing up to the present day. The year can star more...

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  • High frequency trades or algo trades as a percentage of overall orders in the cash equity segment, were at 65% in 2011-12 but went up to 94% in 2015-1 more

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  • Gd afternoon sir, in your lecture in front of an audience you had told to buy amtek, dis requires conviction knowledge and guts, members were also askinh about your rationale , congrats sir , lucky to be with you.
  • Jatin Prabhu, Maharashtra on 11th September, 2015
  • Thank you very much sir.From 16/7/15 I have bought Adani Port 3 times & each time make profit of 10 % +++++ . And a request to other members have patients in stock market if you want to make money.
  • Gaurav Harwani, Ahmedabad on 04 Nov 2015
  • Request to members if you an see archives of TT, OC, ID, One could have make 10-20℅ return. Do no play on margins. I recover my loss (25%) by following above 3section without fail.
  • Vishal Jadhav on 9th September, 2015
  • Sir, great call on UPL Thanks
  • Rohini Sridhar, Karnataka on 27th August, 2015
  • Sir, thank you for 9.87% profits in De Nora in a day and that too without making any payment to broker since purchased yesterday at 405.
  • Amit, Kolkata on 08 Jan 2016
  • Resp Sir, I am Proud to share that i am realizing the magic of booking 5-10% gain and investing 5% of portfolio in one share.This has come after 4Yrs of practice of learning,conviction,patience.
  • Vivek Anand, Karnataka on 13th August, 2015
  • Sir, Excellent detail analysis on Indigo IPO. Requesting family members a must read, before asking query on the same. Salute to your team on the research done. Thanks
  • Vinayak Toal, Maharashtra On 24th October, 2015
  • Dear sir big salute to you. Yesterday at 8.39 you answered my query about sakthi sugar and told to buy.I bought at 27.60 and 10000 quantity. Then yesterday it blast uc 20% at 32.30 Profit=45000 holding
  • Mahesh, Kalyan on 17 Nov 2015
  • Good morning Sir. Wish to thank you for profit made in Force Motors. Bought 50 shares @ 2305 on 28 Sept by selling holding in Amtek. Today sold Force at 3131. Recovered the loss. Only conviction pays.
  • Durgesh Madan, New Delhi on 9th October, 2015