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  • The Budget has come and gone while we are still reading the fine print and looking at who gains and who loses. Prepared below is a broad list of companies which will stand to gain and lose based on the announcements made in the Budget. Have a look and get a perspective of India Inc and the Union Bu more...

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  • Minimum wages in Delhi are three times higher - Rs 399 a day for skilled work and Rs 329 a day for unskilled work. more

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  • Sir, Couple of days back I did not repost my query & instead put some pressure on myself & picked few of your best picks. All are rocking!!! This shows how important it is for us to read what you say.
  • Kinsuk, New Delhi on 16th February 2015
  • Respected sir, Kudos to your analysis on recovery in markets. At one point when NIFTY was 7964 and ET expert was talking of further 30% correction only faith in your analysis helped me to hold position. Regard.
  • Nitin, Tamil Nadu on 17th December, 2014
  • Dear Sir, only because of you I am receiving appreciations. I advised my friends to buy SKIL on Thursday around 21.5, today they are jumping and asking for more. I have directed them !
  • Abhishek Rathore, Haryana on 12th January, 2015
  • Sir tv experts today explain the fall of tvs motors due to stake sale bu its promoter but you shared it with your family on 23rd and it cracks as you have expected hats off to you sir.
  • Devaditya, Punjab on 24th February 2015
  • Very good afternoon sir, special thanks to your daughter Geetanjali for her analysis of Monte Carlo Ipo, will be very useful to members of our premium family.. Have a blessed day.
  • Jatin Prabhu, Maharashtra on 2nd December, 2014
  • Sir, just a thank you message. Your Glenmark and Wockhardt intraday calls rarely fail. Made handsome profit on Glenmark which i bought @ Rs.738.
  • Kiran Tanna, Maharashtra on 22nd January, 2015
  • Hello, I am a member for about 2 years and i feel your service is a Satyug in this Kalyug of analysts and brokerage firms. Thank You!
  • Sachin Gupta, Maharashtra on 24th January, 2015
  • Sir awesome cover feature, won't be surprised if CNBC, Zee etc TV reporters are surrounding you and Abhinandan sir and asking the details from the honest team in town, classic best Cover Feature , Kudos and all the adjectives.
  • Jatin Prabhu, Maharashtra on 12th December, 2014
  • Sir, great to see all your SR stocks zooming today. Members must have bought these gems at best prices today. Thanks for your conviction on quality stocks & vibrant India story.
  • Bijendra Semwal, Uttar Pradesh on 18th December, 2014