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Mon 15 Feb 2016   CNBC TV 18   Opening Bell   08:30 am  
Tue 16 Feb 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Wed 17 Feb 2016   CNBC TV 18   Opening Bell   08:30 am  
Wed 17 Feb 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Thu 18 Feb 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  

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Mon 15 Feb 2016   05:20 am   Japan GDP Q4  
Mon 15 Feb 2016   12:00 pm   WPI Inflation YoY JAN  
Thu 25 Feb 2016   11:00 am   Railway Budget  
Fri 26 Feb 2016   11:00 am   Pre-budget Economic Survey  
Mon 29 Feb 2016   11:00 am   Union Budget FY17  

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  • The trend was just like what we saw in November – contracting IIP and rising CPI. But this time around in December’15, the contraction was at least not as pronounced as that in November. IIP showed a degrowth of 1.3% v/s the degrowth of 3.2% (MoM). CPI for January showed a very marginal rise fr more...

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A different angle to financial news, by reading between the lines

  • Falling demand?
  •   Coke shuts down three plants and halts work. One does not know whether one should look at this news with trepidation or should one celeb more...

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Review of quarterly / annual results of 2 companies, daily



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  • Coca Cola India has 54 plants in India of which 24 are franchise plants, 25 are company-owned and 5 are co-packers. Coca Cola India sells a range of s more

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  • Good morning Mr Tulsian. in the mng hours i write to thankyou for all the value addition you have done to my life by guiding me in stock mkt. May god bless you and your family.
  • Bindu Khaitan, West Bengal on 17th July, 2015
  • Sir, Thank you for the great calls on SKS Micro and BHel.
  • Rohini Sridhar, Karnataka on 1st September, 2015
  • Sir,only to inform member, KESORAM is shifed to TRADE TO TRADE to NORMAL i.e. from BE to EQ from 30 nov 2015
  • Hiren, Mumbai on 21 Nov 2015
  • Dear Sir, Yesterday you replied to one member about Tata Elexi that it will reach 1935 in one month, it has achieved target today itself,Great. Made descent profit,Thanks a lot.
  • Masih Malik Patel, Abu Dhabi on 27 Nov 2015
  • In your reply to cscheta's query, let me tell you sir for every disciple his guru is the most smart handsome talented intelligent person in the world, you carry an aura with you and your blissfully unaware of it.
  • Jatin Prabhu, Maharastra on 3rd September, 2015
  • Dear Sir,for sharing, From today onwards Zerodha Broker will be charging Zero brokerage (No charge) on delivery trading (Cash).Earlier they use to charge Rs.20/order.Great saving for investors.Thanks.
  • Masih Malik Patel, Abu Dhabi on 01 Dec 2015
  • Sir calls of FC and MW section gave more than 3% return within 3 days or a week in most of the calls..Really appreciate.
  • Pranav, on 19th October, 2015
  • Sir, thank you for the call on Jsw Steel Hats off.
  • Rohini Sridhar, Karnataka on 4th September, 2015
  • Sir, Thanks for the INOX Leisure booked profit once again i always very thankful for your perfect calls.
  • Srinivaas, Telangana on 20th July, 2015