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Tue 31 Mar 2015   05:00 pm   Infrastructure Output YoY FEB  
Thu 02 Apr 2015   10:30 am   HSBC Manufacturing PMI MAR  
Mon 06 Apr 2015   10:30 am   HSBC India Services PMI MAR  
Tue 07 Apr 2015   11:00 am   RBI Credit Policy  
Fri 10 Apr 2015   05:30 pm   IIP for Feb'15  

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A 'hot' topic of the day explained in detail

  • Rumours. They have the power to ignite an entire forest and reduce it to either ashes or spread the flames to other forests around, engulfing all as it catches the drift of more wind. These rumours are a strange thing – markets cannot function without them and sometimes, it is the tool used by the more...

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Critical examination and opinion of all upcoming IPOs and FPOs

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IPO Premium

Precise grey market premiums of all upcoming IPOs

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Corporate Inklings

A different angle to financial news, by reading between the lines

  • Land is there but no user?
  • Most of the major projects, right from steel, iron, textiles, roads, construction, SEZs; almost all infra projects, the biggest reason why new proj more...

Result Analysis

Review of quarterly / annual results of 2 companies, daily



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One interesting fact from the corporate world

  • 30% of transactions in real estate are performed with black money. According to a KPMG report, real estate sector accounts for nearly 6% of India's US more

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  • Due to your frequent analysis such as no much effect of excise duty hike, increase of sale number etc on Ashok Letland every one who hold this stock till today have gained significantly.You are deserved.
  • S.M.Agarwal, Maharashtra on 7th january, 2015
  • After itc i have become your blind follower sir ji.aapko thousands of respectful pranam guruji.
  • Bindu Khaitan, West Bengal on 28th February 2015
  • Sir, is here to guide us for Profit, not to be treated as a Prophet. Lets have realistic expectations - he strives so hard for us, charges us so less & gives us so much more. Introspect before blaming!
  • Prasad Naik, Karnataka on 21st March, 2015
  • Dear SPT sir, playing with your all ID, FC & MW calls daily on Intraday basis with real time Tgt & SL of 1% as safe trading. Pls keep it up & try to keep good accuracy. Really appreciate your efforts.
  • Mahesh Bokhare, Maharashtra on 2nd February 2015
  • Sir, what a superb Cover Feature on Bank Nifty. High quality analysis with calculated future expectations. Now TV analyst will read this analysis and will start shouting to buy bank shares.
  • Rajiv Agrawal, Haryana on 12th February, 2015
  • Sir, now after SKIL, very good information on Shalimar Paints. These are like mini SR. Great. Thanks for all the guidance.
  • Sushil Tulsyan, Bihar on 16th February 2015
  • Sir, thanks for best advice for Mirza for 95% gain.
  • Dr Kamlesh Vyas, Rajasthan on 20th January, 2015
  • Thanks on constant hammering/advise on as ST INVESTOR and less in f/o I really filling better and having net-net in profit from last two months despite fall. again thanks lot.
  • Prabhakar U Labhshetwar, Maharashtra on 31st December 2014
  • Guruji pranam, Guruji what an eye opener article by you. This is really unmatchable in this junk of jungles of advisory companies. Thanks a lot ! Sadar SRDG.
  • Smt. Rani Devi Gupta , Uttar Pradesh on 12th December, 2014