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Fri 30 Sep 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Mon 03 Oct 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Tue 04 Oct 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  
Wed 05 Oct 2016   CNBC TV 18   Opening Bell   08:30 am  
Wed 05 Oct 2016   CNBC TV 18   Closing Bell   02:30 pm  

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  • What happens when patience and restraint ends? India finally conducts surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) with many casualties on the other side, with no Indian fatality. The world had expected that India will strike back after 26/11 in 2008 but we kept our restraint and did not allo more...

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  • Chennai a hub for Koreans
  • Thanks to becoming the hub for automobile company Hyundai and for another electronic giant, Samsung, Chennai is the unofficial capital of South Kor more...

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Review of quarterly / annual results of 2 companies, daily



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Financial terms and jargons simplified

  • What is Put Call Ratio (PCR)?
  • Put Call ratio is calculated by taking the ratio of put volume traded to the call volume traded. Put Call Ratio is design to measure the overall pe more...

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One interesting fact from the corporate world

  • S&P BSE 500 index represents nearly 93% of the total market capitalization on BSE. S&P BSE 500 covers all 20 major industries of the economy. more

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  • Dear Sir, booked good profit in BF utilities and Tech Mahindra yesterday. Thanks very much for your guidance and continued support.
  • Charles Rajkumar, Tamilnadu on 21st August, 2015
  • Sir congratulations! The android app is impressive. Thanks for one more feather in the line of service to members.
  • Rajiv Modi, Madhya Pradesh on 20th July, 2015
  • Sir, Thanks for excellent suggestion to buy Pokarna. Made good profits.
  • Kanak Raj, Chennai on 09 Feb 2016
  • Sir made handsome profits in Jai Corp & TPL Plastech real genius sir always indebted to you sir thanks
  • Umesh G A, Mumbai on 04 Jan 2016
  • Sirji, Booked 400k profit in Ktk Bank. Thank you
  • Krishnaraj Pannati, Chennai on 09 Jun 2016
  • Dear Sir,for sharing, From today onwards Zerodha Broker will be charging Zero brokerage (No charge) on delivery trading (Cash).Earlier they use to charge Rs.20/order.Great saving for investors.Thanks.
  • Masih Malik Patel, Abu Dhabi on 01 Dec 2015
  • THANKS sir for ur quick answer and target met in 15 min .hat off to u sir ur great and guiness
  • Jyoti, Mumbai on 19 Feb 2016
  • Pranam, Today was another long day. We get to learn from you sir. Damn with profits and losses. I want to survive in the market and learn to get pennies out of it. That is why, I love your approach.
  • Neeraj Shukla, Maharashtra on 1st September, 2015
  • Dear All My experience would like the share,I was a trader past 7 years, and lost 40lakhs till last year. After sir advice i am now investor ST/MT and earning well with peace. PL stay away from F&O.
  • Shanmugasundaram, Haryana on 1st September, 2015