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Dear Sir, I posted a query and got response within 10 minutes. Thank you very much. I am not aware of anybody responding to small retail inventors like me with such speed. Once again, a big Thank You!
L Ganesan on 02nd Jul 2019
Sir, salute to your conviction on HDFC Ltd twins, ICICI Bank and Chola Investment when all TV anchors & hourly experts are scaring all investors.
Ashokanand Badrinath Upadhyay on 18th May 2020
Sir,Completed 2 years with you this month.TY for the wonderful experience and learning.i also thank the members for their SQ which i have made some money,Doshiaji,Zah ir Bhai,Aashish & all others.TY
Sharath Reddy on 28th May 2019