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sir i heard your analysis of nr agwal infact i heard ur all analysis its so amazing and indepth knowledge that it forces one to buy right away .sir u r only analyst who clear all concepts to retailinv
devaditya on 09th Jun 2017
Sir, it's unbelievable.God puts a person in each and every department in this world to protect dharma. I am telling from bottom of my heart ....It's you..Only you for stock market
Bharatula Anjanikumar on 21st Jun 2017
Dear Sir, Thank u 4, SonaKoyo,Eveready, Century,BharatFin, Jayant,Maithan,CAP F,Kwality,SNL Bearings,AksharaCh em and more :) Thank u so much
AnilKumar Benakatti on 20th Jun 2017