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Just got reminded: On some channel experts/anchors wer bearish on M&M & sir was quite +ive on M&M tractor sale,now just see the move there,in the same way NCC has given 94 to 103 within few sessions.
Dr Vishal Saxena on 27th Jun 2019
GM Sir. Happy to see that my overall portfolio health is very good (I need to some changes as suggested). Congrats to u and ur team for believing in continuous improvement and helping us all.Take care
G Vamsi Krishna on 18th Dec 2018
I have a complaint. Broker tells me I have earned profit of 2 lacs this year and I will have to pay taxes. :) I was a trader, you made me an investor. Many Many thanks. Exit price of Escorts Ltd please
Nilesh Tandon on 29th Mar 2019