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Siryou were the one who had predicted a turnaround and also if sometimes doesn't work you are the only one to say it didn't whichperson of genuine character and high integrity can sayrest find excuses
Sanjay Desai on 14th Sep 2018
I ; Pranam GuruDevJi! Wrt SriWK9899 cmnt, Mmbrs aught 2 C Tridevi in Ui ie. Incl. Maa Durga, for being fearless,courageou s,compassionate yet mericless towards (few) errants lacking Faith ie.Shraddha
Harish Radhakrishnan on 02nd Feb 2018
R/Sir, for Members, Market as always will test your patience but standing with conviction in hard times and supporting each other in SPT family will yield profits for you in the years to come. Thank u
Varun Sharma on 19th Jan 2018