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Sir you are like the conductor of an orchestra and the stocks follow your baton. Thanks a lot for your guidance.
Rajdeep Ghosh on 21st Jul 2020
GAN, Sir.Pallich07 ji,add another 3 qualities of Sir. Hard Work, Promptness ,humbleness. Sir,Indebted 2 U.Made 12.5 K profit 2day through FC. Members follow Sir's calls, hv trust,patience.Thn k U Sir
Suresh Janardan Manohar on 02nd Jul 2020
Namaskar sir, I am grateful for all the gems. They have now become ratnaharas! I just follow your advice, read all the stock queries and learn from other members Best wishes to you and your team sir
Ballambat Raghavendra Pai on 07th Aug 2020