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Pranam sir. Wishing u & spt family a happy n prosperous diwali. Joined few months back and frankly speaking this diwali has been a mesmerising 4 me due to you. Never enjoyed like this.
Dipak Gupta on 18th Oct 2017
Respected Sir Happy Diwali to You and the whole back end Team for such a stupendeous work they r doing for the benefit of all members. Booking handsome gains in all the stks thanks again :)))))))))))
Geeta Ahuja on 16th Oct 2017
Gm,happy Diwali to u and ur team!hve read warren,Charlie,Joe l,Benjamin,Howard etc those guys gave me theorical knowledge what I am gaining is practical!!.sir legends like u r born in decades !!
Luv Seth on 18th Oct 2017
Sir, saying Thank yoU & Respect yoU are only mere words now but actual expression is beyond words. YoUr show for retail investors is beyond words!! I dont know what else to say!!! Blessed is us!!!
Sunil Saldanha on 30th Oct 2017
Dear Sir, stock market is a ocean and we treat you as light house guiding the retail investors. Our Salute to your service and wishing you and your family along with our spt family a happy Diwali.
G Srinivasan on 17th Oct 2017
Sir in last 1.5 year with u,my pf has grown about 40% cagr. I feel it is incredible but could hv been more with discipline n less greed on my part. Will try to improve that : less greed more faith:).
Raunak Mandhyan on 28th Nov 2017
@cingi,so true ..Spt sir is like father ,philosopher & guide for all of us ,least we can do fr him is to respct & Thinksoft Global him and his team for evything they do ,Hope sq goes on ,sir it is soul of family
Krutarth Thakar on 06th Dec 2017
Sir, your humanity again reflecting on new fee structure. Big relief for members, hope you will get the same.
Rambabu Surampally on 27th Oct 2017
Holding GVK Power 2000@6.70 based on your reco long back.. The stock has now become hot after pataka recommendation. Many thanks for identifying it one year before anybody..
Rajkumar Reddy on 26th Oct 2017