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Sir,I have no words to express my pleasure and gratitude.yesterda y I bt FDC Ltd@139 and sold today at 165.when Nf was falling by 200pts,FDC Ltd was moving up at the same velocity.kudos to you mkt knld
Paiparambath Janardanan on 14th Jul 2020
Sir, would like to thank you so much for all the profit made beacuse of your guidance. To name a few Hikal Ltd, JSW Steel, Hind Zinc, Gujarat Ambuja, Kirloskar Bros, Oriental Aromatics...etc
Srinivasan Kanthaiyengar on 06th Aug 2020
Sir At 63 you are workaholic.Tireles sly work on sat/sun what to say of market days. You are spoiling your shishyas as they not permit u rest to get answer on holidays and u oblidge.Pl take rest for us
Ashish Garg on 14th Sep 2020
Sir,value u for what u r.i mention the stocks i have gained.have a few stocks where my strategy was rubbish.U hv given clear instructions.yet i mess up.Cant blame u fr it.3 years now,have only respect
Sharath Reddy on 26th Aug 2020
GAN, Sir. I am repenting, why I did not join UR membrship much earlier? So accurate calls.It's beyond my imagination. Boooked 1.8% profit within 3 hrs in Bharti July Fut. In which way I shld Thank U?
Suresh Janardan Manohar on 10th Jul 2020
I have gained 28% on Hind Rectifier. Should I hold or sell?
Shreya Mukherjee on 14th Aug 2020
sir i am beginner in this market. I am very much impressed by ur market expectations. your are one of the special child of goddess SARASWATI. THANK U SIR FOR UR VALAUABLE SUGGESTIONS.
Venkatesh B on 29th Jul 2020
Sir as a new player never ever have I seen the market go up. Siji you are no doubt a guru in your field. Thank you so much and all your members with their query and your answers have helped. Thank you
Diniyar Marshall on 17th Jul 2020
Multibagger investment is actually in Mr. Tulsian. People are making may be 100 times of what they pay in fees. At least you could have said Sorry sincerely and be back as part of this family
Kunal Yadav on 25th Aug 2020