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Sir, Thank you for the exhaustive coverage of fundamentals of RIL. A must read for all under the Pathshala section. Regards
N Vijaya on 23rd Aug 2018
True. Nice summation.
Sreedhar Bellapu Ravvala on 17th Sep 2018
The word maverick has been coined for wayward geniuses . His ideas are not yet delusional & if he reigns himself in ... A Winner.
Arvind A Desai on 10th Sep 2018
very important lessons , specially in current market scenario. Thanks for sharing
Pratik Karia (Guest) on 07th Sep 2018
Appreciate for giving IPO analysis for small investors those who don't know to have deep view. following you Blindly, when you show GREEN flat i take the ride. Thank u sir again for giving free tips
Sivakumar (Guest) on 01st Aug 2018
Very Interesting article. I enjoyed reading. We should also congratulate them as they are the only person in our country praying for rains every day.
Lakshmanan Nambiar on 11th Jul 2018
The comment that we have to look at Japan for quality and not to become China is apt and an eye opener for top brass in Govt.
Ravi (Guest) on 04th Aug 2018
Is Leel still making AC for havells acquired loyd consumer
Aarti Wadhwa on 24th Jul 2018
When market was up, no one named it exuberant. It was accepted as fundamental. Now when it is crashing, it is called panic.
Dr. Timir Shah (Guest) on 25th Sep 2018