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There's no better investment than quality stocks based on your recommend & that's what I will continue to do. Thank you &, God bless.
Arvind A Desai on 31st Dec 2018
It's too early to comment on pros and cons of this move .But yes, CENTRALISATION is the present theme of Govt
ARVIND VASHISHT on 24th Jan 2019
Nice one mam, wish the decision makers read this and make some change to the policies..
G Vamsi Krishna on 22nd Dec 2018
Excellent article. This details information is must read for everyone
Vinayak Toal on 27th Dec 2018
When we have a feku leading us who does not like to be questioned or been shown mirror of his poor performance, this is bound to happen.
Maulik (Guest) on 04th Feb 2019
Great piece of information.
Vinayak Toal on 20th Dec 2018
Yes, most of them are in everyone's wishlist in India. But, as individuals are we talking a single step in that direction. Wish to have ache din..
G Vamsi Krishna on 24th Dec 2018
Very good. I think our country will be benefited a lot. Good going.
So much to learn from Mizoram.Thanks for the info
Nozer Desai on 26th Nov 2018