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D/M, HDFC Ltd,higly recommended by Sir,within 7-8 months it got hefty returns of 35%(from 1660 to 2280).For beginners:keep an eye on sir's buy signal on correction,actuall y its blessing in disguise.
Dr Vishal Saxena on 03rd Jul 2019
.. & u told me to avoid BHEL. Not only that, thanks 2 it recommendations, I earned handsome profit in UPL too. As of now I m not going out of FC scrips n getting gud returns. It hurts wen Prakash Pipes blame u
Shailendra Sharma on 18th Jul 2019
Dear Sir, I am a member for ~1.5 years. I wish to say I am extremely happy & satisfied. I cannot think of anybody providing this kind of advisory service that too this fast. Sincere Thank You!
L Ganesan on 02nd Aug 2019
Sir, from last 6.5 years I am attached to this family n with u ,happy to be with one family under one roof , thank u sir for ur love n guidelines
Jyoti Dhamdhere on 04th Jul 2019
Sir, GM, When Credit suisse downgrading of RIL came, you had replied to 1 query to ignore such report. I purchased on fall (my strategy). Today in 1 week in 17% profit. Thanks
Vinayak Toal on 13th Aug 2019
Sir what a call in futures today. Exptemely happy to be part of ur suggestion. Thank you once again sir.
Shatrughna Ojha on 05th Aug 2019
Where can i find FC before 29th Jul-19
Haresh Bhuva on 31st Jul 2019
Sir,Just saw u on the channel. Time & again u are proving "Knowledge is Power" whereas Anand Tandon & anchors had no clue :-). Hats of to your understanding... Simply Super
Srinivasan Kanthaiyengar on 11th Sep 2019
One thing i want to say, F&O is a silent killer, it kills slowly as it requires small doze in form of small margins, but ultimately it kills u as u bcm addicted to it, even after knwng it is killing u
Amit Tak on 26th Jun 2019