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Futures Calls

(Last updated on 27th Mar at 09:53 am)

Guidelines for Futures Calls

  1. This is an Investment cum Trading Section. Do not put more than 10% of your equity funds in all calls put together.
  2. Rates given are cash rates and not of Futures. All buying MUST be made in the Cash segment only.
  3. Invest closer to the given price & avoid buying closer to the target.
  4. Trading in F&O is only advised to Members having Growth profile. Members having Balanced and Conservative profile should remain away from F&O completely. For Members having Growth profile and are trading in F&O are advised to take positional view without putting SL or cautious trader MUST put SL as given in the call.
  5. If you are trading in F&O, avoid having open position in more than 2 calls or more than 2 lots in all calls put together, at any given point of time.
  6. We give 2 stock calls in this section daily, before market opens. View is expressed on Nifty and Bank Nifty which are purely indicating trend for day.
  7. Disclosure: Our interest in the call is given along with the call. 'Have Interest' implies we have holding in the stock, while 'No Interest' means we do not have any holding in the stock.
  8. Rationale for advise: Calls in this section has been given based on fundamentals, technicals, recent news flows and trends as observed in the market and in the stock.

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