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Option Calls

(Last updated on 26th Mar at 12:36 pm)

Guidelines for Option Calls

  1. Members who are not familiar with F&O or are having no knowledge of F&O, MUST NOT TRADE on these calls.
  2. This is a Trading Section. Do not put more than 5% of your equity funds in all calls put together.
  3. These are Positional Calls, hence SL is not given. Those having no loss bearing capacity MUST put SL at 50% of their cost & should exit in that situation & should not review by posting queries.
  4. The entire premium paid on buying Options may get lost, while selling Options may see good amount of losses in case of high volatility. This section is High Risk & hence advised for trading to only members having Growth Profile, as assigned by us which can be checked in the My Account section for respective member.
  5. Though the targets are given in the call, members are advised to book profits at lower levels as well.
  6. Avoid asking queries on the calls, as long as it remains in this section, else you will be advised to exit, considering you as an impulsive or near term trader.
  7. We try to have between 1 to 3 active positions in this section and try to provide about 4 to 6 calls in a month in this section. Number may vary as per market conditions.
  8. Disclosure: Our interest in the call is given in the Disclosure column. 'Have Interest' implies we have position in that Option, while 'No Interest' means we do not have any position in that Option.
  9. Rationale for advise: Calls in this section has been given based on fundamentals, technicals, recent news flows and trends, as observed in the market and in the stock.

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