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Regular Income Bluechips

(Last updated on 28th Sep at 09:33 am)

Guidelines for Regular Income Bluechips

  1. This is an Investment Section. Do not put more than 20% of your equity funds in all calls put together, including Option margin.
  2. Along with the limits on allocation for all calls in this section, stock level limits should be followed strictly. As a thumb rule, NEVER invest more than 10% of your equity funds in a single Large Cap Stock, 6% in a single Mid Cap Stock, 4% in a single Small Cap Stock and 2% in a single Micro Cap Stock. For additional guidance, enter your portfolio in My Portfolio section to get alerts on such common errors.
  3. Buy Shares in Cash segment (and not in Futures) & Sell Options against cash holdings. These trades can only be traded for quantity given in the call, which is based on Option lot size.
  4. This is an Investment cum Option Strategy, designed for long term investor & in respect to those stocks which are intended to be retained in the portfolio for a long time. This strategy will make effective cost of your investment fall, with every F&O series.
  5. These calls are meant for all members having Growth, Balanced and Conservative profile.
  6. Members take note of paying delivery brokerage of not more than 0.20% + STT and Options brokerage of not more than Rs. 30 per lot + STT to enable members to make profits on these calls.
  7. We try to have atleast 1 active calls in this section and try to provide between 2 to 3 calls in a month in this section. Number may vary as per market conditions.
  8. Disclosure: Our interest in the call is given in the Disclosure column. 'Have Interest' implies we have holding in the stock, while 'No Interest' means we do not have any holding in the stock.
  9. Rationale for advise: Calls in this section has been given based on fundamentals, technicals, recent news flows and trends, as observed in the market and in the stock.

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