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  • What are the benefits of subscription to

Through our website, we ( Investment Adviser owned by SPT Investment Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.) give you suggestions to gain from trading and / or investing in the Indian stock market. All the sections of the Member Zone can be accessed on becoming a member, wherein we cover a host of columns such as Option Calls, Trading Tips, Golden Stocks, Investment Stocks, Multibagger Stocks, Market Whispers, Futures Calls, Stock Recommendation and Intra Day Calls. We highly discourage intraday and F&O and advise all members to stay away from these and hence do not recommend membership to anyone only looking only intraday or F&O. Focus on investments in cash to earn good returns. Apart from that, if you have a query regarding any stock, then the same is answered in the Stock Query section by our editor Mr. SP Tulsian himself, throughout the day!

In addition to loading our recommendations on the website, we send alerts via SMS, email, mobile app and desktop notification for all the columns covered in Member Zone. Thus you can stay updated all the time, even if you are not in front of the terminal. You can choose between Offline (SMS) or Online (Email, Mobile App Notifications, Browser Notifications, Pre notifications) but not both.

Join India’s most trusted and much followed market expert for his independent research, unbiased views, and stock picking ability way ahead of others!

  • Which columns can I see on becoming a Member of the website?

All the sections of the Member Zone can be accessed on becoming a member. We provide trading and investment advice through these sections:

  • Stock Query - Get your queries answered by renowned market expert Mr. SP Tulsian himself, throughout the day
  • Trading Tips – Best Stocks to Buy or Sell for Short Term Trading
  • Investment Stocks - Quality Investment Options for a better Portfolio
  • Golden Stocks - Investment cum Regular Income Strategy for Long Term Investor
  • Multibagger Stocks - Multibagger Stocks for Long Term Investments
  • Option Calls - Call & Put Option Strategies on both Buy & Sell Side
  • Market Whispers - Calls based on Whispers, Gossips, Inside News on the street
  • Futures Calls - Daily Futures calls on Stocks, Bank Nifty and Nifty
  • Intra Day Calls - Daily Intraday Trading Tips for the High Risk Trader
  • Stock Recommendation - Solid Fundamental Stocks for 12 month Investment Horizon

We highly discourage intraday and F&O and advise all members to stay away from these and hence do not recommend membership to anyone only looking only intraday or F&O. Focus on investments in cash to earn good returns.

  • Do you provide trading calls and recommendations on SMS, Email, Mobile App?

Yes. All our calls of the member zone columns are provided via SMS, email, mobile application and desktop notification as and when they are loaded on the website. You can choose between Offline (SMS) or Online (Email, Mobile App Notifications, Browser Notifications, Pre notifications) but not both.

You can change alert preferences for each of the Member Zone column from the ‘My Alert Preferences’ option in the ‘My Account' tab after sign-in on the website.

  • Do you provide trading calls and recommendations on Whatsapp?

No we do not send our calls and recommendations on Whatsapp. Instead you could download our mobile app to view the calls.

  • What are the subscription packages and their charges?

We offer 2 packages, which give complete access to Member Zone. Subscription charges (inclusive of taxes) are:



91 days

Rs. 10,000

30 days


Other columns of the website can be viewed for free.

  • How to become a Member on the website?

To become a Member on the website, click on the register tab ( on the home page.

Fill the registration form following these four simple steps:

Step 1: Enter your personal and registration information such as username, email, mobile number

Step 2: Choose your package and payment method

Step 3: Enter Financial Information to ascertain your Risk Profile

Step 4: Make payment

Your subscription will be auto-activated as soon as the payment is confirmed by the payment gateway.

  • What if I don’t have an email address?

You cannot subscribe to our website without an email address. Please create an email id for yourself on sites such as,,, and use that id to subscribe on our website.

  • I saw my order ID while registering but closed the page without noting down the details. What should I do?

Don't worry! You would be sent an email on completion of your registration, mentioning your order ID.

  • When will my account get activated?

Your account will be auto-activated as soon as the payment is confirmed by the payment gateway.

  • Can I get additional Stock Query quota for posting queries?

Each subscription plan comes with a pre specified query quota (exact number for each plan is available on Step 2 of Registration where you pick your subscription plan). You can use this quota for posting queries in Stock Query section within the duration of your subscription. You can also purchase additional Stock Query Posting quota and get as many queries you need to post. Recharged queries are valid for the duration of the order, just like the queries that came with the original order. Details terms can be found on the Terms of Use page.

  • Is there any trial offer?

No. We do not provide any trial offer for our services.

  • Will I get my money back in case I do not find the site useful?

We do not have a money back policy and hence there would be no refunds. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before subscribing and only subscribe if sure about Membership. Also we strictly recommend new members go for 1 month package to try our services so are not locked in for longer subscription if you do not like our services.

  • What returns do you guarantee if I follow your recommendations?

We do NOT guarantee any returns that you can make based on our recommendations given on our website. Our past performance is also not any guarantee for future returns. Equity investments, in general, carry risk, which may or may not be commensurate with the returns.


  • How do I make payment?

We offer a host of online payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking, international cards and paypal (for payment by international users in US Dollars) and UPI.

If you do not have facility to pay online, send us a request at, we will arrange for cheque/DD payment. Please note that we do not accept direct deposit in bank or cash payment.

  • Can I courier cash to you?

No. We do not accept cash or deposits in our bank account.

  • Is there any bank account I can directly deposit money into?

No. Kindly pay online using credit / debit card / net banking / cash card or UPI.

  • How to pay via UPI?

You can pay via UPI, by selecting Instamojo payment gateway in Step 4 of the registration process. Select option for UPI and proceed with the payment.

  • I have made online payment, but when I try to login, it says ‘You do not have an active subscription’. What should I do?

Kindly ensure that human icon on the top right (representing My Account) has a tick mark on its bottom. If not, ensure you are logged in to the correct account, whose subscription has not expired.

In a rare case, you may also be getting this message since your payment may not have got confirmed yet. You can email us at with your name, order ID and username and we will check if the order has been executed or not with the payment gateway.

  • My bank account is debited but my account is not yet active. What should I do?

In case money has been debited from your bank account, but subscription on the website has not been activated, your payment has not reached us due to technical / network issues. We request you to kindly make the payment once again (using the same username). The amount debited will automatically get credited in your credit card statement / bank account within 7 working days.

  • What if I have made duplicate payment?

We try our best to prevent such an event, and our payment gateway is very secure. But should it occur and your credit card statement shows double entry, kindly email the details to We will do our best to expedite the refund of your duplicate payment.


  • Can two or more persons login at the same time?

Our terms of use specify that our site and its contents are meant for limited and non-exclusive use only, for personal use by a member and not for any commercial use.

Multiple login with the same username and password is not allowed on the site. We may impose restriction on an account, if it is found that the account is being used from more than normal number of devices a typical member would use. In extreme cases, the account may be terminated without any refund for violation of this single personal use rule.

  • Why am I being asked for an OTP to login?

Since subscription is meant for personal use only (and not any commercial use), and if the system detects access pattern which is suspicious in nature, it will ask you to enter an OTP (sent on SMS and email). Request you to kindly enter the OTP to verify yourself.

Also, do no click on the logout button from your primary pc/mobile/tablet, so that the system recognizes u on your next visit. This will eliminate the need for login each time. Lastly, do not use incognito mode or private browsing mode in your browser when using logged in sessions (Member Zone columns).

  • Should I click on the logout button, after I have finished viewing the site?

Do not click on the logout button after you have finished viewing the website. The next you visit, you will not need to login again. System will recognize you for auto-login for the next session!

  • Can I get my username back, if I have forgotten it?

To get your username, click on the 'Forgot Username' link on the Member Zone home page. Enter your email id. Your username will be emailed to you on the email address provided. Similarly, you can generate the password through the forgot password link.

  • How can I get my password back, if I have forgotten it?

To get your password, click on the 'Forgot Password' link on the Member Zone home page. Your password will be emailed to you on the email address provided by you during registration.

  • How can I change my subscription details?

Login with your username and password. On the top right corner of the page, click on the human logo ('My Account') tab. To change password, select My Login Info and enter new password. Kindly note that change to the username is not allowed.

To change email address and mobile number, select My Registration Info from the drop down and update the changes.

  • Can I change my username?

No. Being a security issue, we do not permit change in username.

  • Can I change my email address?

You can change your email address from ‘My Registration Info’ option in the Human logo (My Account tab) after you have signed-in. Upon changing the email address, you will receive a confirmation link on the new email id. Kindly click on the link to complete the email change.

  • How can I change my mobile number, on which I want to receive SMS?

Sign-in with your username and password and click on the Human logo ('My Account') logo on top right corner of the page. Click on ‘My Registration Info’ where you would see your existing mobile number, which can be modified. Please note that you can specify only 10 digit India mobile number to receive our SMS alerts. SMS to ISD mobile numbers (outside India) will not be sent.

  • How can I change my alert preferences?

To keep you informed, we send out alerts when any column on our website is updated. You can choose the columns for which you need to be alerted. You can also specify the channel / mode of alert. You can choose between Offline (SMS) or Online (Email, Mobile App Notifications, Browser Notifications, Pre notifications) but not both.

To change your alert preferences, select ‘My Alert Preferences’ from the human logo drop down menu on top right (after sign-in) and opt for the channel how you wish to receive the alerts. You can choose one for the following three options:

  1. None for no alerts

  2. Offline for alerts only via SMS

  3. Online for alerts via email, mobile app notification, browser notification and pre-notification* (can choose either or all)

*alert sent before the Member Zone column is to be updated during market hours, acts as a 20-30 second warning window. This is available only for online alerts.


  • How do I renew my account?

One week prior to expiry of your account, you will see an exclamation mark in red button, on the human icon (My Account) logo on the top right corner, after login. This will enable you to renew your account in advance (credit for unexpired days of subscription will be carried forward upon renewal). You will also get an alert (over email) stating that your account is due for renewal, one week before your account expires.

To renew, simply click on the human icon and select ‘Renew Account’ option from the drop-down. Follow the steps by choosing package and payment method to complete renewal.

If your account has already expired, the human icon will have a cross mark, restricting you access to member zone columns. This means you must immediately renew your account, by selecting ‘Renew Account’ option from the drop-down menu.

Note, to renew, use your same username (new not required).

  • Is it necessary to give new username if membership is renewed after a gap of few days?

No. You don't need a new username. You can renew your account with your same (old) username and password.


  • Do you offer portfolio management services (PMS)?

No. We do not offer any Portfolio Management Services (PMS).

We are SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (INA000000326 valid till 24/11/2018) and we only provide investment and trading ideas through our website

  • In some sections, delayed stock prices are shown. What is the source of the same?

All stock prices on the website are provided by BSE ( The stock prices are delayed by about 5 minutes and provided as a reference only. We or BSE do not provide guarantees on the accuracy of the stock prices and shall not liable to any damages for any inaccuracy in the stock prices shown on the website.

Data Source:

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  • Whom should I contact in case of any problems?

You can either write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • In case of any dispute or difference, whom should I contact?

You can write to us on Disputes / differences, if any, will be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.