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Short Term Investments

7 calls given in last 30 days
Last updated : 04th Mar at 02:23 pm
Suitable for:
Growth Profile
Balanced Profile
Conservative Profile
Last 91 days performance of Short Term Investments
Calls Given: 28 (6 calls still open), Gain/Target met: 22
Section Performance: 100% (22/22 calls)
Disclaimer: Please note that past performance is not a guarantee for future performance.
Guidelines for Short Term Investments
Buy in Cash segment Buy in Futures or Options
Be patient with your investment Put SL (if you must, put 5% SL)
Respect given timeline & target Be greedy, book gains of 3-5%

Portfolio Allocation
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  • To avoid portfolio allocation errors, run algorithmic review of your holdings in My Portfolio section
  • Disclosure: ‘Have interest’ means we have holding in the stock & vice-versa
  • Rationale for call: Fundamentals, recent news flow, current market trends

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