Adversity brings 'kalyan'

about 1 year ago
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District Magistrate Dr Adarsh Singh of Barabanki is most certainly a change maker. Using the opportunity of lockdown, which left many unemployed, he decided to make the most – provide employment while improving the place.

He started a project to restore the Kalyani river and split it into two phases -  a 2.6 km stretch in Mavaiya and the other 1.5 kilometres in a neighbouring village, Haidargarh.  This river was once the source of irrigation for farmers but it dried up from silt accumulation. Last year, Dr.Singh tried to get the project going but there was simply not enough labor available. And this year, most of those who migrated to cities are back and many living on daily wages were also unemployed.

Dr.Singh  provided employment to some 800 people in the region under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) and a budget of more than Rs 59 lakh was sanctioned for it in phase 1. The Mavaiya part or the Phase one has been completed and Phase two work is going on, expected to be completed by 30th June.

Apart from having provided employment during these times, once the river is fully rejuvenated, it would ultimately benefit the very same villagers on worked on it. What a way to make the most of an adversity!

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